Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations For All Sections 2018

1. All exhibits to be the property of the exhibitor. Exhibits in the Horticultural and
Agricultural Sections must have been grown on land in his/her occupation, except in
classes 54-61.
2. The committee reserves the right to have a garden inspected to see that Rule 1 is
observed and reserves the right to refuse any entry.
3. Every exhibit must bear a card with the class number and exhibitor’s number. These
cards can be obtained from the secretary on the morning of the show.
4. Fruit and vegetables shall be shown on plates, dishes or trays, provided by the
exhibitor. No responsibility will be undertaken by the committee for any damage done to
the exhibit or for loss or damage to any article. Exhibitors to provide own vases.
5. A prize will be withheld or modified if, in the judges opinion the entry is undeserving of
the prize offered.
6. The decision of the judges is final as to the relative merit of the exhibits, and the
decision of the Committee shall be final on matters concerned with the Show.
7. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes count 3, 2, and 1. If more than one prize is awarded to an
exhibitor in any one class, only the HIGHEST value counts.
8. Any PROTEST must be delivered IN WRITING to the Secretary NO LATER THAN
4pm on the DAY OF THE SHOW and MUST be accompanied by a deposit of £5 which
will be refunded IF THE PROTEST IS UPHELD but not otherwise.
9. All exhibits must be staged no later than 10.00 am on the day of the show, and no
exhibits to be removed before 5.00pm.
10. All exhibits must be removed from the show tent by 6.00pm
11. Entries accompanied by entry fees must be made through the
under mentioned NOT LATER than Wednesday 15th August 2017
Mary Bunner 668 658 / Chris Boundy 668 277 / Paul Hodgson 668 838
12. PRIZE MONEY will be paid out by the TREASURER from 4.30pm. on production of
WHITE entry cards. Neither exhibits nor coloured cards to be removed from the show
until AFTER 5:00pm.
Prizes NOT collected on the day may be collected from BUNNERS.