2018 Montgomery Show

All Change at Montgomery for 2019?


The Show Committee AGM is 7:30pm in the Town Hall on Tuesday 27th November.

The following is a rough guide to what will happen at the AGM:

  • if you have provided us with information either by being a member of the current committee or via a form you will find a sheet with your name on … this is so that you can correct any information the committee holds and express an interest in helping in specific areas (including being on the 2019 Show Committee) … there will also be blank forms for those not on the Show’s contact list;
  • the Chair will ask all those who wish to be on the 2019 Show Committee to raise their hands (this will allow the current committee to check there are sufficient people to form a committee in 2019);
  • those that can help but cannot attend committee meetings just need to indicate what they can help with on their information sheet;
  • the Chair will ask for volunteers / nominations for specific roles where someone is standing down;
  • there may also be time for sub-groups to discuss issues: the likely subgroups are: information & public relations, float & carnival and field & tent.

The show also has a FaceBook page where you can ask questions or submit information: https://www.facebook.com/MontgomeryShow

If you wish to e-mail the Show Committee over any matters then please use the address: info@montgomeryshow.org.uk

On behalf of The Show Committee can we say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the 2018 show.